In 1948, Jimmie Carpenter opened a small 2 chair barbershop on Texas Avenue in Baytown, TX. Jimmie was an avid hunter and needed a place to keep his trophies. Over time, his business, and his collection grew to a point where the original building could not contain them anymore. In 1962, Trophy Barber Shop and Styling Salon opened in its present location and continues to serve customers not only from Baytown but from cities near and far.

Trophy is truly a unique place. Customers are greeted at the front entrance by a massive mounted polar bear that is just as impressive to adults as it is to the kids. There are many other notable trophies including water buffalo, baboon, lion, eagle and just about anything you can imagine. Hundreds of deer antlers line the ceiling of the shop. The wall opposite the barber chairs has many pictures of Jimmie on his expeditions around the world.

Even if it's the unique decor that brings people in to Trophy, then it is the friendships and conversation that keep them coming back. Many of the barbers that come to Trophy work there for their entire career and most customers have been getting haircuts in the same chairs for their whole lives. Many customers can trace their "lineage" back for generations. Chris Roux, the 4th and current owner of the establishment has made sure that the traditions have stayed alive. When you come in you will still find the same trophies on the wall, still get a quality haircut complete with straight razor shave and still be treated like family. We hope to see you soon.